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Denmark Immigration Visas

Are you willing to immigrate to and live and work in a developed European Union member country?
Denmark Green card points based system is the program which you should be making the application. Explore the option to Immigrate to Denmark and live and work in one of the happiest countries in the world.

Denmark is one of the most progressed economies of Europe nation with a very stable government and secular social establishment. Being a member of EU is also an added advantage that this Scandinavian country offers. If you are planning to move to this country, it will be quite handy to have an deep view of Danish immigration Scheme. We can broadly classify the Danish migration process in 2 steps.

Qualified residence within the country for 5 years
Permanent residence culminating into citizenship of the country through naturalization.

Eligible residence often includes many ways through which one can be permitted to Reside in the country for stipulated period by the following ways.

  1. First through studies and then working
  2. By Marring Local
  3. Green card

If we really analyze different paths of gaining residence for stipulated period of 5 years in Danish green card is the most common passage used by migrants.

Salient features of Danish green card

  • It acts as residence plus work permit
  • It Can be obtained by the aspirants wishing to gain employment in that country and settling down to carry out job
  • Is issued after subjecting a migrant’s profile to a point based assessment for candidate to score atleast 100 marks
  • Does not allow migrant to setup and run business.

Why Denmark?

Looking to immigrate to a new land, but don’t know which country to file application? Denmark is surely a good choice to explore better work opportunities and high standard of living. Taged with world happiest country. Consult our immigration experts today if you are not very sure if Denmark is the country for you. We assit you the much-needed assistance for your Denmark immigration dream.
If you like to find out why Denmark is amongst the best immigration options, read further…

Denmark Green Card Points Based system assess the prospective applicants on the basis of their skills (educational background, proficiency in the language and adaptability) and allows residence permit visa on the basis of their qualifications with motive of employment within the country. The applicants are entitled for bonus points if they have earned their qualifications from an eligible university. Moreover, Extra points increases by having the presence of an occupation on the Positive
List for Denmark Immigration. Getting necessary points allows an applicant to get a residence permit. Entry of spouse and dependent can also be clubbed in this application.

Further getting a renewal lies completely of a migrant and any error on part of migrant in applying as per instruction of advance request for renewal then it could result in cancellation of visa, if the renewal of permission is not issued within the validity period, A migrant may be forced exit country.

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